What Are Buy to Let Mortgages?

Buy to Let mortgages are specialty commercial finance products that are available exclusively to landlords and investors looking to buy properties in order to rent them out. These mortgages are different from other finance products in that the interest rates you’re offered depend exclusively on the financial viability of the project and the value of the property.

Expat Mortgage Services

We Offer Tailored Expat Mortgage Broker Services

Getting a mortgage as an Expat or Foreign National Property Investor can be much more complex than applying for a standard mortgage and a large number of the High Street banks simply either do not offer Expat Mortgages, or else they have very strict lending criteria that must be met. However, our team of Independent Expat Mortgage Experts have access to the whole mortgage market to find the deals with a number of Specialist Lenders that our customers need.

With Expat Mortgages, traditional lenders usually deem receiving salary payments in foreign currency or a lack of UK credit history to be too high a risk to take on, which is why a specialist expat mortgage broker is typically required to source suitable lenders who will accept such circumstances and willing to lend to these clients.

Our Broker Services Cover Every Aspect

We provide mortgage services to both UK and Foreign National Property Investors looking for Buy to Let property in the UK and we can help even when other lenders have declined applicants. Expats Mortgages UK has a comprehensive network of Specialist Expat Mortgage Lenders which we have developed relationships with over many years, providing our customers with exclusive deals. We broker mortgages for property investors from around the world who are looking to leverage the advantages of the property market in the UK. We also help expats to buy Residential Property to live in the UK themselves.

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